6’8″ H Screenflex Freestanding Portable Room Divider


Screenflex versatile sound absorbing freestanding portable room divider can be moved with ease whenever or wherever you want. With our fabric and vinyl color, height, and length options, and additions, this commercial grade portable partition the possibilities are endless.

screenflex 150x150 - 6'8" H Screenflex Freestanding Portable Room Divider
Fabric & Vinyl Color Options Black Fabric Black Pearl Fabric Blue Fabric Blue Sky Fabric Blue Tide Vinyl Coal Vinyl Granite Vinyl Green Fabric Green Grass Fabric Grey Fabric Hazelnut Vinyl Ice Vinyl Mauve Fabric Mint Vinyl Oak Fabric Oatmeal Fabric Platinum Fabric Prairie Fabric Raspberry Mist Vinyl Sandalwood Vinyl Wheat Fabric
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