Is It Time to Update Your Furniture?

School furniture doesn’t just provide a place to sit during lectures and in the lunch hall. Having comfortable, safe chairs, desks, tables, wall dividers and other equipment is important because these items facilitate learning. Let shares a few indicators that it’s time to buy new furniture for your school to ensure the students are learning and not spending time distracted by rickety desks or damaged chairs.

1. Student Discomfort

Office workers often place great importance on the ergonomics of their furniture. Shouldn’t teachers do the same in their classrooms? If your students are uncomfortable because their chairs don’t fit their backs well, they won’t concentrate on learning.

2. Damage

After years of wear and tear, any school furniture will show some signs of damage. Plastic items may crack, bend or chip and metal pieces can become damaged. Your classroom will look better with new furniture and your students will feel that the staff cares about their well-being when you swap out old imperfect equipment for newer, better options.

3. Safety

While some signs of use may be cosmetic, others can affect the integrity of school furniture. Inspect your entire stock of desks, chairs and tables to note any missing bolts, wheels or screws. Plastic chairs that have missing pieces can become sharp and catch clothes or even cut skin. Make sure your classroom is a safe environment for students by replacing older school furniture with new if it presents a hazard.

New school furniture can help you better control your student’s behavior by directing their attention, so keep this in mind when selecting new equipment. Consider switching up your classroom configuration from rows of square desks to round tables where students can collaborate.

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