Choosing School Furniture: How to Pick the Best Portable Stages & Risers for Your Event

Portable stages and risers are a smart investment for a wide variety of institutions and organizations. They can be used for a number of events, and they make it easy to transform any room into an impressive performance space. They’re also easy to assemble, break down, and move from one room to another. As the top supplier of high quality school furniture in the nation, we are the number one place to shop for products that will enhance the educational environment. However, there are many other establishments that benefit from the company’s extensive inventory of items as well.

If you’re in the market for portable staging, here are a few tips for selecting the equipment that will best fit your needs:

  • Think About the Intended Use: Before you start shopping for a portable stage, you must identify its intended purpose. For instance, it may be used as school furniture for assemblies, theater performances, or talent shows, or you may need a stage to showcase your church choir. There are different types of stages, and you want to make sure the one you choose will properly correspond with the occasion.
  • Consider All Your Options: There are typically three main types of equipment to pick from. Stages are raised platforms often used for plays, graduations, and other student performances. Seated risers can be similar, or they can be designed with tiered levels that leave space for chairs. Standing risers are also built with levels but only have enough room for performers to stand instead of being seated.
  • Choose a Surface Material: The deck surface is another important aspect to think about. The least expensive tends to be hardboard decks that are laminated. Polypropylene surfaces are coated with a non-slip material that increases durability, particularly in outdoor conditions. In some cases, a carpeted deck is the most appealing, as they come in a range of colors and offer better sound absorption.

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