Choosing Between School Desks or Tables

1. Classroom Volume

How many students do you have? In many cases, traditional school desks make for a tighter space that’s difficult for students to negotiate. Tables, on the other hand, can be lined in such a way that allows large groups to sit with one another without feeling overcrowded.

2. Privacy

Desks are solitary spaces that give each student their own personal area. Although tables promote group interaction, privacy can be an issue when it comes time for individual assignments and tests. Privacy screens or folders can be used to section off individual areas when needed.

3. Collaboration

That said, using tables in the classroom is a great way to foster a collaborative environment, promote sharing, and enhance communication skills. If your curriculum includes many small group projects, it’s worth investing in the type of classroom furniture that makes it easy for students to work together.

Modern teachers have their choice when it comes to appropriate classroom furniture for their students. School desks are a classic approach, while tables are more contemporary, save space, and make it easier to negotiate those tight spaces. Keep these points in mind as you shop for school furniture.

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